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Provided services: Reconstruction of the transport interchange at the intersection of Victory Avenue with st. Hetman in Solomianskyi and Shevchenkivskyi districts of Kyiv (DSTU BD.1.1-1: 2013) - Shuliavsky overpass / Construction of the Great District Road in the area from Ave. Marshal Rokossovsky to the street. Bogatyrska with the construction of a transport interchange at different levels (DSTU BD.1.1-1: 2013) / Construction of the Podolsk bridge over the Dnieper River in Kyiv (DSTU BD.1.1-1: 2013)
Provided services: Delivery of self-propelled belt conveyors / Carried out a complex of works on training
Provided services: Study of the load on roads and bridges


Roadtec, Inc.

Roadtec, Inc. is a manufacturer of road construction equipment, which due to its innovation and reliability has become a world leader in the industry. The company is part of Astec Industries.


QPR (QUALITY PAVEMENT REPAIR Company) is a manufacturer of patented unique material for infrastructure projects – cold asphalt. The company is a leader in manufacturing in the United States and exports to more than 15 countries.

USL Group

USL Group specializes in expansion joints, waterproofing solutions (Matacryl), construction chemicals, concrete repair in the field of civil engineering. It is part of the RPM group of companies.

CPG Europe

CPG Europe (Construction Products Group) offers a wide range of solutions in the field of sealing, insulation and passive fire protection, polymer floors, waterproofing of roof structures. It is part of the RPM group of companies.


Parker Plant Limited

With more than 100 years of experience, Parker Plant is a world-renowned supplier of asphalt and concrete plants, equipment for crushing and sorting stone materials, as well as a full range of equipment for the use of bitumen (bitumen emulsion) in road construction.

CMI Roadbuilding Inc.

CMI Roadbuilding Inc., using scientific advances, engineering knowledge and many years of experience, offers comprehensive solutions in the field of road construction, civil infrastructure and waste management. CMI is a wide range of asphalt and concrete plants, soil compaction equipment and more.


Cestel Ltd successfully operates and distributes the system of weighing vehicles in motion for bridges SiWIM® Bridge, which allows complete collection of information for the design of both bridges and roads, as well as to prosecute violators of road traffic regulations.


Innovative engineering solutions in the field of road repair and restoration for the last 50 years.

Elgin Sweeper Company

The flagship in the field of sweeping and cleaning technologies for any coverage: areas around residential buildings, airports, treadmills, seaports, municipalities, industrial areas. Each machine contains more than 100 years of engineering, production and technical know-how.

Wausau Equipment Company, Inc.

Wausau Equipment designs and manufactures the most comprehensive range of top-quality snow removal and ice control products in the industry to help our customers maintain safe and efficient roads runways and railways. The Company’s products are at the forefront of snow removal equipment technology.

Timsan GSE

The largest manufacturer of specialized equipment in its region for the construction and comprehensive maintenance of airports of all categories.


Trecan Combustion

Canadian snowmobile company with more than 35 years of experience. Trecan offers equipment with the highest coefficient of thermal efficiency (98%), which allows you to operate them at extremely low temperatures.

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