Delivery of Self-propelled belt conveyors of TIMSAN brand


Delivery of Self-propelled belt conveyors of TIMSAN brand (2020, completed)

Customer: State Enterprise “Boryspil International Airport”.


Self-propelled belt conveyor is a ground handling technique for aircraft. The conveyor has a chassis that allows it to move independently around the airport and is equipped with a conveyor belt for transporting luggage to the ship and back.


Lifting the conveyor boom is designed for all classes of aircraft and provides reverse movement. Band speed range 10-30 m / min.


An interesting feature of the conveyor is its maximum speed of 40 km / h – for this type of equipment is almost a record. At the same time the manufacturer of the conveyor has taken care of the increased safety, so, for example, the conveyor has a system of emergency stop of movement at fixing by sensors of obstacles on the way of the equipment. Therefore, with significant speed equipment for this type, the conveyor is insured against road accidents.


Quantity of equipment delivered: 2.



Services and warranty.


TRINITI-GROUP LLC carried out a complex of works on training in management and repair of delivered equipment. In general, the training took several days. As a result of the training, the customer’s employees received certificates to confirm their qualification.


During the training and testing, the chief engineer of the TIMSAN manufacturer was personally present, on whose projects the conveyor was constructed. – Omar Keskin.


TRINITI-GROUP LLC guarantees the quality of the delivered equipment, and therefore we carry out warranty service of self-propelled belt conveyors within 24 months.