Stationary asphalt mixture storage system CMI Roadbuilding


Stationary asphalt mixture storage system CMI Roadbuilding (2020, completed)

CMI Roadbuilding is the exclusive partner of Trinity-Group for the supply of a stationary asphalt storage system. The company manufactures heavy equipment used for road construction. CMI strives to provide high performance from commissioning to after-sales service.


CMI silos are designed to store mixtures for four days without losing the quality of the material. They can be used as a storage hopper. The equipment works most efficiently due to a continuous production cycle, which helps reduce waste.


The mixture does not delaminate during loading into the silo. It moves to a three-ton dispenser on a bucket elevator or scraper conveyor located at the top of the equipment. The batcher is equipped with a grab valve which prevents stratification of mix.


The silo cone is designed to maintain the maximum quality of the mixture. The design prevents the layering of material on the walls by tilting the flow of the mixture. The cone is resistant to wear and protected from heat loss. The silo remains filled with the mixture even at the end of the work shift, so at the beginning of the new day it is completely ready to sell the material to buyers.


The silo is equipped with an upper and lower hopper indicator. Information from it is transmitted to the control cabin for personnel to adjust the level of the mixture. The signal of the upper indicator is calculated for a certain period of time required by the operator to empty the faucet.


The construction of the silo is carefully insulated, so it stores the mixture at temperatures up to 150 ° C for 4 days. There is information that the material was in the silo for about a week.


Stationary asphalt storage systems have a number of advantages:

  • High strength of a design.
  • Sealed silage during storage material.
  • Minimized heat loss through the cone.
  • Powerful roller chain.
  • Unique design of the scraper conveyor.
  • Steam removal from the top of the silo to the burner with the optional blue smoke kit.
  • Process control using a central remote control from the operator’s cab.
  • Availability of a safe platform for work in the upper part of the silo.


Stationary asphalt storage systems are designed to minimize heat loss, reduce emissions, and ensure a continuous production cycle. The silo is resistant to wear, it is convenient to operate with a remote control located in the operator’s cab. CMI specialists develop a silo project for the customer in accordance with building codes. There is also a staff training service at the client’s site.


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