Supply of Special cars such as “Ambulift” brand TIMSAN


Supply of Special cars such as “Ambulift” brand TIMSAN (2020, completed)

Customer: State Enterprise “Boryspil International Airport”.


The ambulift is a vehicle for ground handling of aircraft, namely for the transportation of people with disabilities from the terminal to the aircraft and back. The ambulance can move up to 5 people in wheelchairs or 3 people in wheelchairs and 1 person at a time with their accompanying staff.


The TIMSAN brand ambulance is extremely user-friendly: the controls are located in both the driver’s cab and the van. The 5 900 mm hydraulic van is extremely reliable and ensures safe operation of the equipment at altitudes of 15 to 40 m / s. In addition, the said mechanism is constructed in such a way that the vertical movement of the van to the height of the plane and back is rapid and at the same time very smooth and practically insensitive to persons inside. By the way, this was one of the first advantages that the customer’s employees noticed when testing the equipment.



Services and warranty.


TRINITI-GROUP LLC carried out a complex of works on training in management and repair of delivered equipment. Overall, the training took several days and was attended by about 20 people (slightly more than officially stated). As a result of the training, the customer’s employees received certificates to confirm their qualification. I would like to note separately that the training was personally attended by the chief engineer of the company manufacturer TIMSAN, on the projects of which was designed Ambulift – Omar Keskin. He personally flew in from the Turkish Republic to verify that the customer was satisfied.


TRINITI-GROUP LLC guarantees the quality of the delivered equipment, and therefore we carry out warranty service of the special car Ambulift type for 24 months.