High quality anti-corrosion coating Alumanation 301


High quality anti-corrosion coating Alumanation 301 (completed)

ALUMANATION 301 – highly resistant coating for corrosion protection and waterproofing of metal structures such as tanks, bridges, fuel tanks, roofs, stands, pipes, transmission line pylons, radio transmission masts, metal support structures. The material consists of asphalt derivatives, non-drying oils, a patented combination of natural and synthetic fibers, aluminum granules and flakes. The coating is applied at the rate of 0.5-0.8 l / m2 in one layer. The resulting thickness should be approximately 400 microns.


Due to the fact that the basis of ALUMANATION 301 is aluminum pigment, it is insulating and heat-reflecting. In the warm season, the temperature of the metal covered with ALUMANATION 301 is much lower than on the surface. The coating, even after 20 years of operation, remains homogeneous, despite daily and seasonal temperature fluctuations.


Advantages of ALUMANATION 301:


  • The surface is cleaned with a metal brush or pressurized water.
  • Does not require priming before applying the material.
  • One layer of a covering provides protection against corrosion and a waterproofing of a design.
  • The coating is applied with a spray gun, roller or brush.
  • The material is resistant to acids and alkalis.
  • 45 minutes after application the coating becomes resistant to rain.
  • ALUMANATION 301 is compatible with some additional materials that allow you to expand the variety of repair work.


The service life of the material is at least 15 years, and does not depend on the degree of harmful environmental aspects. The coating has been tested and approved by independent laboratories in many European countries. ALUMANATION 301 has the following certificates:


  • Bureau VERITAS laboratory certificate.
  • Test Certificate of the Institute for Materials Research Staatliches Materialprufunfsamt Nordern (Westphalia, Germany).
  • EMPA Laboratory Test Certificate (Switzerland).


ALUMANATION 301 has been widely used worldwide since 1947. The material protects metal from corrosion as reliably as possible, at the same time for its drawing it is not necessary to prepare a surface in advance and to have special skills for work.