The industrial floor from Duracon Systems


The industrial floor from Duracon Systems (completed)

The industrial floor from Duracon Systems is created on the best modern innovative technologies which provide reliable protection of a production covering.


The floor from Duracon Systems is universal, as it can be used in production facilities of light and heavy industry. The floor is resistant to mechanical damage, alkalis and hot water, easy to care for, safe for the environment. A wide range of colors allows you to choose the shade that best suits the design of any room.


Duracon Systems has different types of coverage:


  • Duracon SL-System – colored coating, which is self-leveling, with a smooth surface, 2-3 mm.
  • Duracon BC-System – the coating is self-leveling, has increased anti-slip friction (small ripples), 3-5 mm.
  • Duracon L-System – the covering keeps within on a ceramic tile, 5-8 mm.
  • Duracon TR-System – the covering is intended for big loading, has high density and redistribution of particles in solution, 4-5 mm.


The floor can be laid in one night or several days, ready for use in two hours. Cracks do not form on the surface due to the elastic and viscous structure. Coating is allowed at low temperatures. Duracon Systems floor is environmentally friendly because the material contains quartz sand or pieces of quartz, which give the surface an attractive appearance.


During the work with Duracon Systems it is possible to apply on old and new concrete floors, ceramic tiles and wooden coverings. Surfaces are easily cleaned of dirt by steam, quite resistant to acids, alkalis and hot water.


Duracon Systems coating is used in:


  • Production facilities for light and food industries.
  • Metalworking shops.
  • Breweries, garages and kitchens.
  • Bread factories and bakeries.
  • Meat processing shops, etc.