Rolled waterproofing membrane Dual Seal


Rolled waterproofing membrane Dual Seal (completed)

Dual Seal is a leader in the field of waterproofing. Rolled waterproofing membrane is widely used in the world to prevent water from entering the underground areas of all types of buildings and urban engineering structures. The system is unique due to the ability of bentonite clay to multiply in volume when interacting with water.


The reliability of the Dual Seal sheet membrane is ensured by strong polyethylene, on which sodium bentonite is applied. The membrane is used in such underground engineering structures as underground parts of the walls of residential and industrial premises, as well as an underground part of the foundations. Dual Seal is used for paving slabs, waterproofing tunnels (including subways), etc.


Among the advantages of Dual Seal are the following:


  • Creates a waterproof layer, provides double protection.
  • The material has the ability to self-repair.
  • Withstands the pressure of a water column 46 m high.
  • Easily attaches to vertical surfaces.
  • The use of more than 100 years.
  • High resistance to damage.
  • Prevents the penetration of water between the membrane and the concrete surface.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Does not require special equipment during installation.
  • Does not require additional protection when laying concrete or other polymer coatings, as well as in vapor barrier.
  • The temperature of laying of a membrane varies from -30 ° C to +55 ° C.


During mechanical damage, materials self-repair. When water penetrates the damaged polyethylene membrane, sodium bentonite reacts with water, after which the sealing process begins. After a certain period of time, the damaged area is covered with bentonite, which ensures complete restoration of waterproofing.


Dual Seal membranes are available in three versions:


  • Standard.
  • Material with propylene mesh for formwork (Lagging Grade LG).
  • Material for use in saline groundwater conditions (Saltwater).


Also Dual Seal is made for areas of shotcreting which is carried out directly on a membrane or for walls in soil where modification for salt water in those sites with available saline ground waters is used.


Dual Seal should not be placed on a wet surface where there are puddles, snow and ice. When performing work in saline wastewater, it is necessary to use a special material Dual Seal for salt water.


Dual Seal waterproofing system consists of bentonite granules, waterproofing tapes, sodium bentonite, self-swelling mastic and other materials.


Dual Seal roll waterproofing membrane has won the trust of engineers and end users due to its unique characteristics. It is easy to install on the selected site, does not require special equipment and recovers quickly after mechanical damage. To apply the system, the method of shooting and gluing of enclosed membranes is used, at the same time there is no need for priming. Dual Seal will last for decades.