Polymer coating Matacryl Bitu-primer


Polymer coating Matacryl Bitu-primer (completed)

Matacryl Bitu-primer is a two-component low-viscosity material based on methyl methacrylate and used as a primer – a top coating under bituminous waterproofing and asphalt materials.


Matacryl is a thin-layer polymer coating of the roadway (along with sidewalks) of urban, road, bascule bridges, pedestrian, railway bridges, which are built in any climatic zone.


The use of Matacryl makes it possible to reduce by 5-7 times the constant load from the weight of the bridge deck on the span structure, and thus reduce the cost of rolled steel by 7-10%.


Matacryl is resistant to negative environments: exhaust gases, reagents used during ice, possible leakage of harmful substances.


Coating Bitu-primer has good adhesion to metal and concrete bases, providing it when covered with subsequent layers. At polymeric coverings of Matacryl use two methods of drawing material:


  • the ground coating is applied first with the help of a rubber damper and a roller to ensure a material consumption of 0.5 kg / m²;
  • then on the just applied primer evenly spread natural quartz sand with a size of 0.7-1.2 mm with a flow rate of approximately 1 kg / m²;
  • the second layer is applied with a roller at the rate of 0.4-0.5 kg / m².


Matacryl has a number of advantages:


  • Excellent adhesion to concrete and metal.
  • Can be used in different weather conditions.
  • Quickly hardens at low temperatures down to -5 ° C.
  • The first and second layers of the primer system – top coat – can be applied in one day.
  • Bituminous membranes are deposited 90 minutes after the application of the second layer.


Matacryl Bitu-primer allows you to significantly reduce production costs and save time by quickly applying the primer / top bituminous material (all work can be done in one day). In addition, the material shows excellent adhesion to metal and concrete coatings and can be used in any weather, even at low temperatures.