Delivery of Pelican sweeper Elgin Sweeper Company


Delivery of Pelican sweeper Elgin Sweeper Company (2020, completed)

Trinity-Group cooperates with Elgin Sweeper Company, which has developed a unique technology for the production of Pelican sweepers. They are convenient in work, are capable to clean bulky garbage and the condensed dirt. The equipment is successfully used in cities, airports and businesses.


The Pelican three-wheeled sweeper has a unique design that has been constantly improved over the last hundred years. It is maneuverable and easy to operate, which allows you to easily remove the heaviest dirt.


The cab is equipped with special insulation, which provides the operator with comfortable work in complete silence. To ensure full visibility of the space, the windshield and rear window are installed on the entire width of the cabin, as well as spacious windows and transparent doors. The instrument panel is located in the center, so it is easy to reach from both the left and right driver’s seats. The panel contains illuminated sensors and key switches with graphic indication.


Elgin Sweeper uses Ecoinfused technology for the production of sweepers. It contributes to a more environmentally friendly and efficient operation of the Pelican. The company prefers innovations that increase productivity and fuel economy, it is possible to do more with less time.


The design of the machine is designed to ensure stability during sweeping and unloading of debris. The frame is strong and compact, so the turning radius is small. The weight load of the hopper is located between the two front wheels, which ensures the safety of the equipment. With simple care, the Pelican will be operated for many years without the need for repairs.


The Pelican has a powerful brake system. It significantly reduces brake wear. All elements of the system are easy to reach for diagnostics, care for them does not require large material costs.


The undoubted advantage of the sweeper is simple maintenance, which increases the efficiency of operation and operating time. The wires are marked, so it is quite easy and convenient to identify them. The end seals of the hydraulic valve protect against leakage in the joints. The hydraulic oil tank is located behind the cab and is equipped with a level that can be monitored by the operator.


Pelican has a unique option of anhydrous dust suppression. It has a better capture of small particles, in contrast to the technique, which uses water for the same needs. The technology allows you to clean up garbage and save water resources throughout the year.


The Pelican three-wheeled sweeper is indispensable within cities, airports and businesses. The equipment has a number of advantages among which: ease in service, a comfortable cabin isolated from noise, easily copes with heavy garbage, carries out dedusting without use of water, is ideally suited for work in one lane.

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