Mobile high-frequency crushing plant ProSizer 3100


Mobile high-frequency crushing plant ProSizer 3100 (2018, completed)

Astec Industries, Inc. – a world leader in the production of equipment used for road construction. The company is constantly improving its products using advanced technologies. That’s why Trinity-Group bought the ProSizer 3100 from Astec Industries, Inc.


This equipment is designed for recycling waste used milled pavement. The machine is quickly set up for work, in total it takes about 15 minutes. The closed-loop system includes a two-tier PEP Vari-Vibe and a horizontal shaft impact crusher. It is designed so that the operator can quickly reach the engine controls.


The sorting plant processes from 200 tons of material per hour, and from 75-100 tons per hour of sieve material. The actual weight load depends on: the size of the material supplied, the type of roar used, the degree of separation of the material, the weight of the product.


The equipment is equipped with a 12-volt battery and pumps that are in the engine and control the processes of the equipment. The material supply system consists of a loading hopper with a capacity of 9.17 cubic meters. The crash has a nominal hole of 15.24 cm with a patented hydraulic shear type unloading for easy cleaning. The impact crusher with horizontal shaft (HIS) 3136 is in the strong case from a steel sheet.


ProSizer 3100 – a complete solution for recycling waste used milled pavement. The installation has high productivity and is quickly adjusted for work, convenient in use.


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ProSizer 3100