Study of the load on roads and bridges

Trinity-Group is the official distributor of innovative road load and bridge load research systems


According to research by the State Research Institute, the requirements for the design and construction of new and reconstruction of existing roads were laid down in 1962 and have not changed. At the same time, since 2006 the number of trucks on the roads of Ukraine has increased 2.36 times and the number of semi-trailers, which account for 90% of the share of road destruction, has increased 2.65 times. Under such conditions, it is obvious to us the need to create / implement software and analytical systems, which, based on three-dimensional digital models of specific roads and bridges, will identify the mismatch of projected and actual loads on the road and, accordingly, optimize the cost of their elimination.



Trinity-Group, as a distributor of innovative solutions in Ukraine, proposes the introduction of SiWIM as a unique phenomenon to obtain the maximum set of information about the load on the road with the optimization of the cost of research. One of the main advantages of SiWIM is the efficiency of information collection and reporting, which is achieved through mobility (installation and dismantling of the system takes from several hours to two days depending on the complexity of the bridge structure and does not require destruction of the road surface).



As part of the assessment of the load on roads and bridges, Trinity-Group offers the most comprehensive and complete information on vehicles moving on the country’s roads, namely: gross weight, number of axles, distance between them and load on each, type / class of vehicle, speed traffic, the lane in which the vehicle is moving with a fixed time and date of monitoring.

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