Delivery of the MAGMA M-1 bituminous melting machine of the Cimline brand


Delivery of the MAGMA M-1 bituminous melting machine of the Cimline brand (2019, completed)

Customer: State Enterprise “Boryspil International Airport”.


The bituminous melting machine is intended for filling of deformation seams, cracks and other defects at repair of asphalt concrete and other coverings of highways, sidewalks, runways and artificial structures in industrial, civil and agricultural construction.

MAGMA’s main features: simple design, high performance and ease of use – make Cimline ™ a leader in crack sealing.
Ergonomic simplicity: MAGMA provides a high level of operator comfort with a completely redesigned delivery system. The boom with no additional effort on the part of the operator rotates around the heated sealing hose and, unlike any other machine, minimizes the load on the hose, thus providing the best in the industry operating range. MAGMA comes with a heated option for even greater comfort and ease of use.
Ease of use: The Tier IV compliant diesel engine operates at the lowest possible RPM, delivering the best performance and fuel economy. The standard silencer, combined with the engine housing option, reduces noise by up to 40% when compared to other cars.



Services and warranty.


TRINITI-GROUP LLC carried out a complex of works on training in management and repair of delivered equipment. As a result of the training, the customer’s employees received certificates to confirm their qualification.

TRINITI-GROUP LLC guarantees the quality of the delivered equipment, and therefore we carry out warranty service of self-propelled belt conveyors within 24 months.

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