Construction and maintenance of bridges

TRINITY-GROUP has the best equipment, materials and technologies for the implementation of unique solutions for the construction and maintenance of bridges.


We offer a range of services for the construction and maintenance of bridges:

  • Development of an optimized project for the use of technologies and solutions that will be effective in the long-term operation of the facility.
  • Waterproofing services for the construction of bridges. The RPM system is a technology of thin-layer polymer coatings. Matacryl – a system of pavements of roadways and pedestrian parts of metal and concrete bridges and parking lots. It is a thin-layer polymer coating, which is 40 times more durable than asphalt concrete and 7 times lighter and 14 times lighter than cement slabs. The polymer coating has a water saturation 10 times lower than asphalt concrete and wear resistance three times higher.
  • Asphalting in the cold season (special polymers for difficult climatic conditions)
  • Services of reloaders – “asphalt plants” on wheels, the Roadtec company. That allows to increase durability of service of a paving in 6 times. Experiments conducted in Washington, USA allow us to establish that the use of Shuttle Buggy reloaders has reduced the budget funding for road repairs for ten years from 470 million $ to 80 million $.
  • Recycling of waste road pavement of bridges. World practice demonstrates the successful experience of reusing milled pavement in the production of new asphalt concrete. Such recycling makes it possible to make significant budget savings.
  • Cold recycling technology, which involves the use of a set of equipment that is able in a record time to reconstruct the road surface of bridges from removing the top layer to the installation of a new one with the simultaneous restoration of the infrastructure of bridges and roads. Reducing the cost of work twice when using this technology allows you to increase the length and volume of reconstruction.
  • The technology of multifunctional curb stacker with sliding forms is used for the installation of dividing barriers on bridges, drainage trays, as well as sidewalks, pedestrian and bicycle paths, dams, flower beds, sewers, curbs of various complexity, drainage and overpasses

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