Tyler Ice TAD Series – Trinity

Tyler Ice TAD Series


Midsized runway de-icer with all the features of a full size truck mounted unit.


Tank sizes from 500 to 2,000 gallons (stainless steel or poly).


Boom sizes of 12 – 36’ boomless, and 50′ or 75′ manually or cab controlled hydraulically folding booms.


Product pump capacity of 300 GPM.


Convenient pump station location, safe and easy to operate.


Electronically operated boom shutoff valves.


Flow based ground speed control system.


Cab controlled boom functions.


Cab controlled engine functions (start, choke and idle).


Hose reels (both manual and electric).


Weather proof electrical cabinet.


Custom hydraulic valve manifold.


Select-a-Spray nozzle system (very quick changeover, just click and go).


Stainless steel spray bar system.


Break away system on the boom tips.




Spray boom


Strongest spray boom in the industry. Constructed of rectangular tubing, and equipped with breakaway features for each wing. When in the cradle position, the tips fold back behind the cab door, so no need to walk under dripping chemical when entering and leaving the cab.




Spray pattern / nozzle selection system


No need to remove nozzle when changing from light to heavy application, or when changing from de-icing to anti-icing operations. The unique Tyler “Select a Spray” design allows for complete change over in less than 1 minute. No need to stock additional nozzles, extensions, screens, etc. for various configurations. Stop over-spraying expensive chemicals with the blast button. Apply accurately with the Tyler Ice System. Built-in spring flush check valve. Pull the lever to clear any debris from your chech valve. Tyler, ready when you need to go.




Control console


The convenient control console features pre-set application rates. Easy operator control does not require extensive training to operate. The auto start and stop eliminates the need to hold “blast”.




Driver`s side pumping station


Valving and pumping station is conveniently located near the driver`s side door. No need to reach between the spray boom when loading and setting up valving. Each valve handle is color coded for easy understanding of all operations. Load line located low, eliminating potential splashing of materials into the operator`s face during hookup and disconnection.





9, 16 or 18 HP

Centrifugal pump

300 GPM

Boom width

50’, 75’ or 100’

Tank capacity

3000 gallon

Integral pump station

Capable of load, unload and transfer

Power boom folds

Available with full cab controlled power or manual booms

Heavy duty trailer

Low center of gravity

Heavy duty trailer

Power surge brakes

Hose reel

Mechanical or electronically controlled