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Asphalt Mixture Reloader SB-2500e/ex Shuttle Buggy


The Shuttle Buggy SB-2500 asphalt mixer is used to mix hot asphalt mixture, as well as to move it from the dump truck to the asphalt paver. This ensures continuous coating.


The equipment is designed so that it is easy to get to the mechanisms for diagnosis and repair. The car has a large door that opens access to the engine compartment. Scheduled inspection is performed on both sides of the equipment.


The operator’s platform extends by 400 mm, which gives excellent visibility. Large chain wheels are used to increase the service life of worn parts of the reloader and reduce operating costs.


The Shuttle Buggy SB-2500 easily moves a large amount of material through conveyors thanks to high rails of chains. Complete offset circuits protect against rupture. Sliding links are designed to extend their service life and facilitate maintenance.


The front hopper is equipped with a hydraulic partition, which is adjustable, ensuring optimal flow of material through the conveyor C-1. The capacity of the hopper is 25 tons. This allows the dump trucks to quickly unload the mixture and return to the factory. Shuttle Buggy has patented antisegrarian augers. They mix the material before loading it into the paver.


The Roadtec Shuttle Buggy SB-2500 can be used both for storing hot asphalt and for direct interaction with the paver. The equipment is easy to operate: the engine can be quickly reached via a large door. The operator platform is designed to provide maximum visibility of the space where the equipment is located.




Engine MFG




Emissions Standard

SB-2500e: Tier 4F

Emissions Standard

SB-2500ex: Tier 3

Max Power

300 (224) @ 2,000 rpm

Number of Cylinders


Electrical System


Shipping Weight

77,240 (35,380)

Operating Length

661 (16.8)

Shipping Width

117 (2.99)

Shipping height

144 (3.7)

Hydraulic Tank Capacity

80 (303)

Fuel Tank Capacity

150 (568)


Material transfer vehicle Shuttle Buggy SB-2500DE by Roadtec

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