Road Mill RX-600eLR – Trinity

Road Mill RX-600eLR


The RX-600eLR is a 675 horsepower cold planer with a hydraulically driven cutter. This highly versatile machine allows contractors to cut flush on both the left and right hand sides of the machine. The dual flush cut capability is a tremendous advantage on projects with barrier walls and other common obstructions.




Dust Extraction System


Standard dust extraction system pulls dust from the primary conveyor and ejects the material along the secondary conveyor into the dump truck.




ACE Grade and Slope Control


ACE™ automates the elevation of the machine through a combination of grade and slope sensors. The ACE option includes three user friendly control panels to be placed at the operator station and at the sides of the machine to make the milling operation as simple and convenient as possible.




Hydraulically Folding Secondary Conveyor


A standard hydraulically folding secondary conveyor for convenient transport and placement of the machine.




Operator Seats


Foldable seats placed at each side of the operator platform add increased comfort while maintaining a spacious work area.




Drum Indexing


The drum indexing function allows the crew members to safely rotate the cutter drum for routine maintenance using a relocatable control box.




Dual Flush Cut


The RX-600eLR will cut flush to the left and right hand side. The dual flush cut capability allows the machine to cut against barrier walls and obstructions while continuing to work with the flow of traffic.




Engine MFG




Emission Standard

Tier 4 Final

Maximum Power

675 (503 kW) @ 1,850 rpm

Number of Cylinders


Electrical System


Shipping Length

42' 10" (13064)

Shipping Width

7' 5" (2260)

Shipping Height

9' 10" (2998)

Max Cut Depth

13" (330)

Standard Cut Width

79" (2006)

Max Cut Width

86" (2184)

Inside Turn Radius

7' (2133)

Hydraulic Tank Capacity

100 (379)

Fuel Tank Capacity

185 (700)

Water Tank Capacity

800 (3028)