Road Mill RX-600e/ex – Trinity

Road Mill RX-600e/ex


The RX-600e/ex is a 675 horsepower cold planer available with 4-track assemblies or optional 3-track assemblies. This lighter weight versatile machine allows contractor to cut up to 13” (330 m) deep with width of 6’3″ (1.9 m), 6’7″ (2 m), or 7’2″ (2.184 m). The RX-600e is light and maneuverable for urban situations. A two-stage front loadout conveyor, with 60° swing to either side, provides ample loading capacity.




Dust Extraction System


Standard dust extraction system pulls dust from the primary conveyor and ejects the material along the secondary conveyor into the dump truck.




ACE Grade and Slope Automation with Auto-Cut


ACE™ automates the elevation of the machine through a combination of grade and slope sensors. The ACE option includes three user friendly control panels to be placed at the operator station and at the sides of the machine to make the milling operation as simple and convenient as possible.




Bolt-On Track Pads Standard


Roadtec offers bolt-on track pads standard because it saves the customer money.  Now when your track pads wear out you can simply unbolt the old ones and bolt-on new ones, saving you precious time.  No more changing grousers and wasting them.




Dual Water Spray Bars


Roadtec milling machines have two independent spray bars to inject water in the cutter housing.  The front spray bar is primarily for dust suppression, the rear spray bar cools the drum.




Secondary Conveyor Swing


All Roadtec milling machines offer 60 degree conveyor swing, allowing you to easily feed a truck in an adjacent lane or around a tight bend such as in a cul-de-sac.




Three Track or Four Track – It’s Your Choice


Both three track and four track configurations have benefits, so why be forced into one way or the other? Roadtec gives you a choice.




Folding Conveyor


A folding secondary conveyor is available on all Roadtec Milling Machine models to aid in transport and loading.






All Roadtec Milling Machines start with an extremely strong frame completely fabricated, welded and assembled by us.  This gives us complete control over the design and quality of the build.  We are the only manufacturer to use A656 Grade 80 steel throughout the frame.  This special grade of steel has twice the strength of the mild steel that is commonly used.  This allows us to build a stronger, lighter frame than anybody else in the industry.




Engine MFG




Emissions Standard

RX-600e : Tier IV

Emissions Standard

RX-600ex: Tier III

Max Power - Tier 4 Final Version

675 (503 kW) @ 1,850 rpm

Number of Cylinders


Electrical System


Shipping length

47' 5" (14.45)

Shipping width

8' 2" (2479)

Shipping height

9’10” (3,009)

Max Cut Depth

13" (320)

Standard Cut Widths

75" (190), 79" (218), and 86" (218)

Max Cut Width

86" (218)

Inside turning radius

RX-600e/ex-3 Track 5'8" (1.7)

Inside turning radius

RX-600e/ex-4 Track 6'8" (2.0)

Shipping Weight (w/ 79" Cutter Housing)

RX-600e/ex-3 Track 61,000 (27,670)

Shipping Weight (w/ 79" Cutter Housing)

RX-600e/ex-4 Track 64,000 (29,030)

Hydraulic Tank Capacity

90 (341)

Fuel Tank Capacity

250 (946)

Water Tank Capacity

800 (3028)