Road Mill RX-300e/ex – Trinity

Road Mill RX-300e/ex


Roadtec’s RX-300 compact milling machine combines maneuverability with high performance to easily operate in a wide range of applications. With a base cutting width of 48” (1.2 m) and the capability of cutting up to 12” (305 mm) deep, the RX-300 is excellent for both commercial applications and narrow milling projects. 100° load-out conveyor swing capability allows the machine to easily discharge material in a wider range of environments.




Operator Comfort


The enhanced visibility and operator seat provide a high level of comfort on the RX-300. The simple control layout at the makes the operation more convenient and efficient.




Dual Water Spray Bars


Roadtec milling machines have two independent spray bars to inject water in the cutter housing. The front spray bar is primarily for dust suppression, the rear spray bar cools the cutting teeth.






The secondary conveyor of the machine swings 50° to each side allowing the operator to easily feed a truck in difficult areas such as cul-de-sacs. The rear right leg of the machine can be positioned inside or outside of the cut with a simple single pin pivot.




Folding Conveyor Standard


A folding secondary conveyor comes standard on the RX-300 milling machine models to aid in transport and loading.





VCS® Variable Cutter System


Special VCS® Housing allows the change of cut widths by only changing the drum

VCS cutter housing is designed with segmented, hydraulically adjustable rear moldboard capable of widths of 24 in (600mm),   40 in (1,000 mm)  & 48 in (1,200 mm)




Hydraulically Driven Cutter Drum


The highly efficient hydraulic drum drive provides exceptional performace while reducing maintenance time






Engine MFG




Emissions Standard

RX-300e:Tier IV Final

Emissions Standard

RX-300ex: Tier III

Max Power

320 (239) @ 1,800 rpm

Number of Cylinders


Electrical System



43' 7" (13280)

Shipping Length (w/conveyor folded)

34' 7" (10541)

Shipping Width

7' 5" (2250)

Shipping Height

9' 2" (2800)

Max Cut Depth

12 (305)

Max Cut Width

47.25 (1,200)

Inside turning radius- Right

6’7” (2,000)

Inside turning radius- Left

14’9” (4,500)


42,000 (19,051)

Hydraulic Tank Capacity

33.5 (127)

Fuel Tank Capacity

140 (530)

Water Tank Capacity

380 (1439)