Road Mill RX-100e – Trinity

Road Mill RX-100e


The RX-100e is a high-performance universal milling that is ideal for urban use. The small turning radius allows you to easily bypass the hatch covers and other obstacles on the roadway. The milling depth of this cutter is 200 mm and the width is 500 mm.




Hydraulic Drum Drive


The hydraulically driven cutter drum provides efficient performance with reduced maintenance.




Rotating Leg


The rear leg of the RX-100e is positioned alongside the cutter housing for normal milling, but the leg can also be rotated to a positition in front of the cutter housing for flush cut applications.




Operator Station


The operator seat incorporates a comfort suspension that also provides excellent visibilty.






The RX-100e easily mills surfaces around manholes and other utilities that larger machines aren’t capable of reaching.







Engine MFG



QSB 4.5

Standard Emissions

Tier 4i

Max power

130 (97) @ 2,100 rpm

Shipping Weight

15,840 (7,184)

Operating Length

12' 8" (3.87)

Shipping Width

4' 8" (1.42)

Cutting width

20 (508)

Depth of cut

8 (203)

Water tank capacity

155 (587)

Fuel tank capacity

55 (208)