Asphalt Plate EZ-V-10 – Trinity

Asphalt Plate EZ-V-10


Contractors demand versatility from their machines, and the Carlson EZ-V delivers with its unique ability to pave as both a hydraulically extendable and fixed width platform in a single screed. Available for all 10-foot Roadtec pavers, the new generation of Carlson front-mount screed sets a new bar for extension support, provides contractors superior heat management through its zonal touchscreen interface, and leads the industry in standard crew comfort features.




Standard Paving Width

10’ (3m) to 19’-6” (5.9m)

Maximum Paving Width

25 (7.6)

Screed Weight

7,500 (3402)

Screed Plate Depth

26 (660)

Power Crown

‘+ 2.5”, - 1.5”


3" / 1" (76 / 25 mm)

Strikeoff Articulation

0-3000 VPM

Hyd. Extension Dimensions

RH 5’w, LH 4’w, 8”d

Extension Supports

Carlson® Single Slide Track System With Adjustable Slide Block Bushings

Max Extension Slope

‘+ 9%

Accessory Outlets


Accessory Current

4kW, 120V

Walkway Width

20.5 (521)