Asphlat Plate EZ-R2-10 – Trinity

Asphlat Plate EZ-R2-10


Available for all 10-foot Roadtec pavers, the EZR2 is the screed of choice for contractors that plan to put down many miles of highway lanes. The rear-extendable screed is the right balance of weight and rigidity to dependably produce award-winning mat quality at any width. Featuring a class-exclusive extension support system and 20-inch deep main and extension plates, contractors are able work into ramps and extra lanes while continuing to achieve consistent density and mat quality. Unrivaled, the EZ-R2 is the most dependable rear-mount screed when paving wide with a leading ability to put down 30’ stretches without flex.




Standard Paving Widths

10’ (3) to 19’-6” (5.9)

Standard Paving Widths

30 (9.1)

Screed Weight

8,275 (3753)

Screed Plate Depth

20 (508)

Power Crown

'+ 3", - 1"

Hyd. Extension Dimensions

L&R at 4’ 9”w, 20”d

Extension Supports

Carlson® Single Slide Track System With Adjustable Slide Block Bushings

Max Extension Slope

‘+ 12%, - 5%

Accessory Outlets


Accessory Current

4kW, 120V

Walkway Width

20.5 (521)