Asphalt Plate EZ-IV – Trinity

Asphalt Plate EZ-IV


The EZ Series from Carlson features electrically heated vibratory screed plates and extensions. The patented, tapered shape of the Carlson main screed plate assures that material is moved toward the outside for a uniform mat no matter whether extensions are in or out. Carlson EZ screeds also feature a food warming oven to heat crew meals. With hydraulic, vibratory extensions supported on heavy-duty, high-strength slide tracks this series offers paving widths from 8 to 19 feet (2.4 – 5.8 m). EZ-IV extensions have pre-strike offs. Optional hydraulic berm builders are offered.




Standard Paving Widths

EZ-IV-8 : 8' (2.44m)

Standard Paving Widths

EZ-IV-10: 10' (3.05m)

Max Width w/ Hydraulic Extension

EZ-IV-8 :15' (4.57m)

Max Width w/ Hydraulic Extension

EZ-IV-10: 19' (5.79m)

Maximum Paving Width

EZ-IV-8 : 19' (5.79m)

Maximum Paving Width

EZ-IV-10: 25' (7.62m)

Maximum Paving Thickness

EZ-IV-8 : 8" (203mm)

Maximum Paving Thickness

EZ-IV-10: 12" (305mm)

Crown - Positive/Negative

EZ-IV-8 : 3"/2" (76/50 mm)


0-2,800 vpm

Screed Weight

EZ-IV-8 : 6,250 lbs (2,835 kg)

Screed Weight

EZ-IV-10: 7,000 lbs (3,175 kg)


Electric (34 kW gen)

Screed Plate Width - Main

26" (660 mm)

Screed Plate Width - Extensions

8" (203mm)